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Installing GraalVM on OSX with SDKMan

Want to install GraalVM on OSX? It’s easy. First, get SDKMan. Trust me. You want it. Almost as much as brew, if you’re doing anything with the JVM. You’ll want to install bash – via brew – because SDKMan uses bash and the OSX bash shell is badly outdated. Once you have SDKMan installed and [...]


Cuisinart SS-15 Single-Serve Issues

My family bought me a Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker, a device that has both a carafe (a pot) and a Keurig-compatible single-serve coffee maker. However, the single-serve side struggled to work; it worked once and then stopped. The problem seems to be, of all things, the water filter. I gently used a toothpick to clean [...]


New Ubuntu Version!

I upgraded Ubuntu to eoan, 19.10, this morning, and Wordpress broke. I was getting 502 Gateway errors, which is never comfortable. What the 502 means is that nginx was not able to connect to the backend service, which is php7.3-fpm in this case. I have nginx set up to forward to php-fpm to This [...]


The Saddest Scene in Star Trek…

Star Trek, as a series, has a lot of really sad implications in parts – the wreckage of Captain Pike, for example, and worlds committed to remembrance of tragedies past. But the saddest of all of them to me right now is the cold open of Star Trek V: The Final Frontier. The movie was [...]


The Beatles

The movie “Yesterday” – a romantic comedy featuring the music of the Beatles as a core mechanic – is a great watch, but something about it got me thinking about my love of the Beatles as a band. I find that I separate the Beatles’ music into four groupings, in order from least awesome to [...]


Rating Movies

My youngest son and I watched “Godzilla” last night. As a movie, it was a fun experience, I guess – giant monsters! Destruction! Catchy one-liners! Woo! – but I struggled to watch the movie. I struggled because there were things that just didn’t make sense, even in the context of the movie itself. There’s an [...]


Poetry: Pity the Young

Pity the young It’s not that We don’t know How to care It’s that we Don’t know How to care Without boundaries


A while back, on a trip to Gatlinburg with my family, I came across a music shop called “Doug Wyatt Guitars.” As an avid guitarist who can’t, like, JUST PASS A GUITAR STORE BY LIKE MY WIFE WANTED ME TO, I stopped in – and was rewarded greatly. For lo, not only was yon proprietor [...]


Facts are more important than opinions.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez catapulted herself into the limelight by being a firebrand, a torch-carrier for Democratic Socialism (which, I’m informed, is different than “Socialism,” and is definitely different than National Socialism), and an interview in which she offered this gem: I think that there’s a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and [...]


I’ve been thinking about a business idea

I’ve been thinking about creating a service offering for people writing about programming on the web: editorial services.