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What would you do… if you really had money?

There’s a lot of whining lately about how the rich are getting richer, how it’s not fair, how dare they have stuff when we don’t… how dare they have money and keep it!

It got me thinking: what would I do if I had a lot of money? What effect would I really have?

I don’t know, honestly, never having been personally in the upper class, monetarily speaking. I’m clearly the best person I know, ethically and morally, but monetarily, not so much… and who am I kidding? I don’t think I’m the best person I know ethically or morally either. I know my own flaws.

But… if I somehow were to have a rich uncle of whom I knew nothing die, and leave me his billions, here’s what I think would happen:

  • My local schools, public and private, would find elective programs sponsored anonymously. Music programs, art programs, science programs, math programs, and english programs would find that they had basic supplies (and some freedom to specialize), and sports programs would have proper protective gear. I’d also sponsor homeschool cooperatives for the same purpose. (As a homeschooling parent, such resources are very sporadic.)
  • Programs that researched alternative energy would have grants, again anonymously.
  • My local food banks would have money to replenish their stocks, also granted anonymously.
  • My local shelters would have money to house and help people – not to keep them sheltered, but to enable them to no longer need shelter.
  • I’d have a nice house with a lot of acreage – not just because I want acreage (and boy, would I love to have land to wander) but I’d also use that land to provide caretaker jobs for those who struggle with other employment. I’d have strict requirements: no abuse allowed (alcohol, drugs, etc), no assaults (sexual or otherwise), but to someone who’s willing to commit to sane and safe living, help would be provided.
  • My family would have everything it needed – not the best of everything (although surely the best of some things, within reason). My money would hopefully serve as a launching pad, not a vehicle.
  • I would have some beautiful musical instruments: guitars, synthesizers, amps, drums, and rooms in which I could play. I’d have computers that provided me the freedom to create as I desired.

Now… what about those who do have money to do all of that? What do I think of them?

I don’t really worry about it. It’s their money, not mine. They should do as they want to do. I don’t think my ethics and values serve as condemnation to them; I know some people who have what I’d consider that kind of resources, but I don’t expect them to share with me or with others in any way other than what they do.

It’s up to them.

What would you do if you had an enormous sum of money available to you?

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