How To Fix Our Culture in Forty Years

American culture is broken, and badly. It's broken to the point where there's a civil war going on - thankfully, still at the "civil" part, mostly - and that civil war is going to break the national identity and bring chaos into America, first, and spread to the rest of the world, to humanity's detriment.… Continue reading How To Fix Our Culture in Forty Years

Everything exists.

One of the things I’ve had to learn over time – and that I’ve learned poorly, I should add – is that everything, everything, exists. It might not exist in the sense of being real, I suppose; it might exist only in the imagination. It might not even exist in the “real world” in the… Continue reading Everything exists.

Transactions in Relationships

I recently offered some advice on relationships to someone, with the preface that I knew it was unasked-for and based on my own experience. I don’t know how good the advice actually is, but it has the ring of value – and given my own interactions, it’s clear how it governs how I relate to… Continue reading Transactions in Relationships

Apple Integrations, woo!

I made the switch to the Apple ecosystem a few years ago. It started with a MacBook – a switch I’d been publicly wanting to make for years and years, as an in-joke among my friends and a public joke on, and then I got a job where the MacBook was standard gear. I… Continue reading Apple Integrations, woo!

Ayn Rand and Rush

There’s been some discussion recently on Rush Fanatics – a Facebook group – about Ayn Rand, in part because of a reference to the “meek inheriting the earth.” The phrase comes from “The Fountainhead,” and is in the context of the book’s overarching villain – a man named Ellsworth Toohey – who uses the phrase… Continue reading Ayn Rand and Rush