Voltage Modular and MIDI Out in Cubase

I’d like to explain how I got Cherry Audio’s Voltage Modular to generate Euclidean patterns for Cubase. The process for it should be generalizable to other DAWs, but since Cubase Pro is my daily driver (as a DAW, I guess) I’m going to focus on it. Euclidean patterns rely on the idea that percussive hits… Continue reading Voltage Modular and MIDI Out in Cubase

Virtuoso, people, exercise

Things I think I've learned today: Virtuoso - a SPARQL database that's used by DBPedia - is surprisingly nice, but it's also got some oddities in synchronization behavior. I have a bulk process that runs for days, and I added a "resting" phase to allow Virtuoso to handle checkpoints gracefully, etc., and finding the sweet… Continue reading Virtuoso, people, exercise

JUCE, tox, Euclidean beats

Things I've learned today: tox is a Python library designed to "standardize testing in Python" - including testing a given project across Python versions (so you could use it to create a library for both Python2 and Python3, and test in both environments.) I'm working on such a library right now; I am using two… Continue reading JUCE, tox, Euclidean beats