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I still prefer Java.

I still prefer Java over other languages. The Background: Javabot I’m a fairly regular contributor to javabot, an IRC bot written for the Freenode ##java channel. I don’t know that I’d be considered a major contributor (I’m not listed in…

Test-driven development is, loosely defined, a practice in which tests are written before anything else, without regard to correctness. For example, if I want to write a program to generate “Hello, world,” I would write a test that validated that “Hello, world” was generated – before I had anything that might create the output. When my tests pass, I know I’ve “finished,” because my tests define a specification. By having tests in place, though, not only do I have a record of the specification, but I also have a way that I can add to the specification in such a way that I know I’m not breaking code – I would simply add more tests that corresponded with the changing specification, and I will know if my changes break other code. Here’s the thing: I wrote the Java implementation using test-driven development practices (TDD), and the automaton is kinda neat; TDD also provided me the opportunity to fix the names of structures (renaming `Dataset` to `Generation`, for example) because the tests made it obvious that the names were inaccurate. However, seeing the differences in the development process between my Python implementation and the Java implementation, I might look into TDD with Python anyway.

Java Authors, Learn Java

I was reading a book on Neo4J and encountered this sentence: What is the secret of Neo4J’s speed? No, Neo4j developers haven’t invented a superfast algorithm for the military. Nor is Neo4j’s speed a product of the fantastic speed of…

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