Migrating a WordPress Blog: Any Advice?

I like this blog, honestly. But it’s very crufty by now, having had multiple generations of multiple plugins tied to multiple versions of WordPress, and I’d love to clean it up.

Anyone have any advice on migrating content from WordPress to a clean install of WordPress, such that I can add plugins carefully to create a cohesive body of work again?

Blogging, getting wordpress running properly on Ubuntu

Things I’m thinking and feeling:

  • I really don’t “blog” all that much. I record, I guess, and that’s sort of a “web log,” but I really don’t expose much of my innermost feelings – it’s like observations with a mirror in the way. I’ve always been that way when I write. Always.
  • Today I’m going to try something different.
  • I feel horribly sad today. Not really empty, not really morose, just… not even tired, but mournful, and I don’t even really know what it is I’m mourning. Maybe it’s memory, all the memories I feel like I could have had but don’t, maybe it’s the memories I do have but shouldn’t. Maybe I’m mourning the fact that I don’t know if I’m what I should be. But today, Me, I’m down. I’m not feeling bad, I’m just down.
  • I finally fixed some problems with my WordPress installation. When I upgraded to Ubuntu 18.04 on my server, apparently some PHP plugins didn’t get installed/migrated/somethinged – I went to a page on installing the LEMP stack on Ubuntu, installed the system dependencies, and lo and behold, things started working better again. Annoying, because this stuff’s been broken for a long time. Now if WordPress would only track the same hits that I see in access logs…
  • After a long dry spell, I’ve been writing poetry again. This is a good thing, but as usual my poetry is inspired by my mood, which is not a good thing. Oh, well. Maybe some of it will be worth publishing.
  • I also finally have been grinding my way through some new-ish music. Hurray.
  • I wonder if CNN – or any other news source, really – would be improved if you removed all the adjectives and subsidiary clauses. Some important information would get lost, but honestly? Most of the adjectives and subordinate clauses are used by the “journalists” to insert their opinions into the news, to sanitize it for the tribe most likely to read that particular bit… or enrage the tribe for which the bit isn’t targeted.

How do you promote an anonymous resource?

I have a blog that I keep anonymous, for specific reasons. I think it’s worth reading, but due to anonymity, I don’t know how to promote it. Any suggestions?

It’s not a blog that’s unethical, or immoral; it just deals with subject matter for which my authorship would be surprising, and my identity would affect the purpose of the blog.

But I don’t want to construct a false identity for the purposes of promotion. A pseudonym is not a problem (it has a username, but not my name, attached to it), but promotion on Reddit, or Facebook, or Google+, Twitter, or any number of other such sources would mandate my building of another identity for the purposes of redirection.

I have reasons for wanting to avoid doing that, mostly rooted in my own concept of identity. I can handle having no identity – having a different identity is not something I’m interested in.

So the question stands: what would you suggest for building traffic and exposure for a blog for whom the author needs anonymity?