Thoughts of the Day, 2019/Feb/8

Things I'm thinking lately: Teamwork You can't want me to excel and then get in my way. Well, you can, but you... shouldn't. Date Formats Yes, I find I prefer year/month/day. It's inherently sortable. It's also really common in computing, and should be more common. Headings I'm trying to switch back to the headings format.… Continue reading Thoughts of the Day, 2019/Feb/8

Jalen Hurts, Clemson, Politics, Teamwork

Things I am thinking about having thought about: I feel bad for Jalen Hurts. Swapped out for Tua Tagovailoa, despite having been the guy for Alabama last year... and this year, gets put in on Alabama's last drive for mop-up duty, when the game's already lost and there's no flexibility left to exploit. "Go in… Continue reading Jalen Hurts, Clemson, Politics, Teamwork

Blogs are so eh

Things I think I've learned today: Blogs are so yesterday, man. It's probably the medium and platform I've chosen - I don't use Medium, for example, although I have an account there - and I don't publish often enough, or with enough direct focus, to really attract users, because I'm really not trying to build… Continue reading Blogs are so eh