Everything exists.

One of the things I've had to learn over time - and that I've learned poorly, I should add - is that everything, everything, exists. It might not exist in the sense of being real, I suppose; it might exist only in the imagination. It might not even exist in the "real world" in the… Continue reading Everything exists.

Transactions in Relationships

I recently offered some advice on relationships to someone, with the preface that I knew it was unasked-for and based on my own experience. I don't know how good the advice actually is, but it has the ring of value - and given my own interactions, it's clear how it governs how I relate to… Continue reading Transactions in Relationships

Programming is also Teaching

Programming can be thought of as something that takes place as part of interacting with a culture - a culture with two very different audiences. One "audience" is the CPU, and the other audience is made of other programmers - and those other programmers are typically the ones who get ignored, or at least mistreated.… Continue reading Programming is also Teaching

Books that Shaped You

What books helped shape your political and moral opinions? A lot has gone into my reading list. Here’s a list of the things I think were most important, with a focus on fiction: Starship Troopers. Often derided as fascist, this book... isn’t fascist. It’s not a complicated book, but it does contain a lot of… Continue reading Books that Shaped You

“People are stupid; get over it”

One of the things I tell my kids all the time, in an attempt to help them cope, is “people are stupid; get over it.” For a long time they saw this as being cynical; in some ways they still do, but they’ve also matured enough to see it for what it is: coping with… Continue reading “People are stupid; get over it”


Things I think about sometimes: I love the idea of being someone who might be described like "He only cares about the things that matter," except loving that particular idea means that I... care about things that don't matter. Darn it.My DJ name is rather obvious: "43rd to the Q."Finally got a new phone! I'm… Continue reading Impressions

We have failed our children on gun control.

Americans have absolutely failed our children on gun control - and I probably don't mean that the way you think. There's no way to write this without sounding like I'm ignoring nuance. I totally understand the responses from both sides: those resenting the politicization of a shooting (on both sides), and those screaming that this… Continue reading We have failed our children on gun control.

Needs are often subjective, even if we don’t recognize that

How much pain could be forgotten if we remembered that many of our needs are subjective? They're not all subjective, of course... if you take something from the base of Maslow's pyramid from a person, that person will logically and realistically suffer. Air, food, water, shelter... all critical to human survival. But love? Self-esteem? The… Continue reading Needs are often subjective, even if we don’t recognize that

Introspection Time: MBTI Types

A few days ago I was reading something about relationships with the INFJ psychological type, from Myers-Briggs typology. Something about the description got me wondering, and I'm still wondering: am I an INFJ instead of an INTJ? Normally I test very strongly as an INTJ: Very high on Introversion, because I'm an introvert Typically fairly… Continue reading Introspection Time: MBTI Types