Rating Movies

My youngest son and I watched "Godzilla" last night. As a movie, it was a fun experience, I guess - giant monsters! Destruction! Catchy one-liners! Woo! - but I struggled to watch the movie. I struggled because there were things that just didn't make sense, even in the context of the movie itself. There's an… Continue reading Rating Movies

More Peter Gabriel, The Upside, Police, CSS

Things I'm thinking about wondering: One of the reasons I like Peter Gabriel so much is that, as a lyricist, he's willing to ignore rules that I try to, like, pay attention to. In "Big Time," for example, there's a line: "And my heaven will be a big heaven, and I will walk through the… Continue reading More Peter Gabriel, The Upside, Police, CSS

Consistency, Aquaman

Things I think I've learned today: Aquaman was a fun movie to watch with my youngest. This surprised me. DC is trying to be more fun and failing but at least they're trying... and it's a better movie than we've had overall. The Chris Nolan Batman movies were great, Wonder Woman was good, the other… Continue reading Consistency, Aquaman