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Consistency, Aquaman

Things I think I’ve learned today:

  • Aquaman was a fun movie to watch with my youngest. This surprised me. DC is trying to be more fun and failing but at least they’re trying… and it’s a better movie than we’ve had overall. The Chris Nolan Batman movies were great, Wonder Woman was good, the other DCEU movies have been kinda downers.
  • Consistency is hard. I keep forgetting to write these up. I start them in the morning and then get surprisd the NEXT morning when I haven’t published them yet. I’m not sure what the ideal pattern is, but I’m fairly certain this isn’t it yet.
  • It’s good to have my oldest son back home with us for a few days. He’s in and out – he actually has to travel back to the coast for work for two days – but he’ll be back again soon.
  • Kittens have tons of energy. Who knew?
  • I don’t care for Rotosound bass strings much. When you first put them on, they’re bright and quite good… but they wear out too fast. For me to keep them sounding good I’d have to replace them every few days, assuming I was trying to be gentle with them; even playing with “proper technique” (i.e., not driving the strings hard) they dull down fairly quickly with tension. Also: the strings are harsh on my fingers! I prefer Ernie Balls or D’Addario bass strings, I think. (I tried the Rotosounds because they’re what Geddy Lee used; I think his string budget is a little larger than mine. They sound great, but they’re too much work to keep on the bass, and the harshness on my fingers is irritating.)
  • Merry Christmas, everybody!

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