Rating Movies

My youngest son and I watched "Godzilla" last night. As a movie, it was a fun experience, I guess - giant monsters! Destruction! Catchy one-liners! Woo! - but I struggled to watch the movie. I struggled because there were things that just didn't make sense, even in the context of the movie itself. There's an… Continue reading Rating Movies

Doug Wyatt Guitars, from a few years ago

A while back, on a trip to Gatlinburg with my family, I came across a music shop called "Doug Wyatt Guitars." As an avid guitarist who can't, like, JUST PASS A GUITAR STORE BY LIKE MY WIFE WANTED ME TO, I stopped in - and was rewarded greatly. For lo, not only was yon proprietor… Continue reading Doug Wyatt Guitars, from a few years ago

Flit, Trump’s Address on 19 Jan, Elite: Dangerous

Things that are crossing my path lately: Flit, in context of "Python Packages and You." Python packaging is not a strength of mine.I hate to say it, but the Democrats' rejection of Trump's offer to open negotiations about the government now look kinda stupid, based on their oppositions. They're saying that a three year suspension… Continue reading Flit, Trump’s Address on 19 Jan, Elite: Dangerous

Art, JDBC, coffee, JSoup, Gradle, Hallelujah, Resetting

Things I may have learned recently-ish: Painting pottery is fun. I'm not very good at it. I apparently also have a thing for beer steins... out of which I drink coffee, because beer isn't very good in my opinion. But steins are also a LOT of coffee, so it's impractical to drink coffee from steins.Speaking… Continue reading Art, JDBC, coffee, JSoup, Gradle, Hallelujah, Resetting


Things I have learned recently: People still don't really get JNDI, and the Java frameworks around today make it easy to ignore, even though it's still a core technology. It's not difficult to see how it can be confusing: context in JNDI is everything, and context makes it a challenge to create examples that make… Continue reading JNDI

Consistency, Aquaman

Things I think I've learned today: Aquaman was a fun movie to watch with my youngest. This surprised me. DC is trying to be more fun and failing but at least they're trying... and it's a better movie than we've had overall. The Chris Nolan Batman movies were great, Wonder Woman was good, the other… Continue reading Consistency, Aquaman

Managing Social Capital

There are a lot of authors who talk about managing social capital, especially in terms of relationships… but from what I can see, most people fail to apply the rules of social capital beyond personal relationships, even if they’re wise enough to manage how they interact with their significant others. It also turns out that… Continue reading Managing Social Capital

What are your bellwethers?

What things about someone would serve as simple signals as to whether you could empathize with them? What would your bellwethers be? A "bellwether" is a leading or primary indicator of something. It came up in conversation about the Lord of the Rings; I have friends for whom LoTR isn't a pinnacle of fantasy. What… Continue reading What are your bellwethers?