Scrivener 3.2 Compile Issue

I'm a big fan of Literature and Latte's Scrivener product. If I'm writing "for real," it's typically in Scrivener, although I think my process there could still use a lot of work. (I use a graduated system for writing, which ... now that I think about it, isn't very efficient for organization or promotional purposes.)… Continue reading Scrivener 3.2 Compile Issue

Installing GraalVM on OSX with SDKMan

Want to install GraalVM on OSX? It's easy. First, get SDKMan. Trust me. You want it. Almost as much as brew, if you're doing anything with the JVM. You'll want to install bash - via brew - because SDKMan uses bash and the OSX bash shell is badly outdated. Once you have SDKMan installed and… Continue reading Installing GraalVM on OSX with SDKMan