Big Time!, Politics and Empathy, Football

Things I am observing myself thinking about: I can't listen to Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" these days without thinking that it's something like Donald Trump's theme song.I've hit a wall in exercising. Need more motivation. Need to push harder. (Oddly enough, my annoyance at having hit a wall was motivating.)I think a lot of the… Continue reading Big Time!, Politics and Empathy, Football

A Simple Grappa Tutorial

Grappa is a parser library for Java. It's a fork of Parboiled, which focuses more on Scala as a development environment; Grappa tries to feel more Java-like than Parboiled does. Grappa's similar in focus to other libraries like ANTLR and JavaCC; the main advantage to using something like Grappa instead of ANTLR is in the… Continue reading A Simple Grappa Tutorial

Use of a/an with parentheticals?

This morning I was confronted with a grammar question for which I just don't know the answer. Consider the phrase "an essential truth;" now put "essential" in parentheses. Is the indefinite article supposed to be "an" or "a" in that phrase? I'm stumped; my advice was to remove the parentheses entirely, so the phrase remains… Continue reading Use of a/an with parentheticals?