Busy, new music, Getting Things Done, data import

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here. I’ve been busy. But now that I’m here…

  • I’m still not thrilled with the Gutenberg editor. It’s okay, but I just don’t care for it.
  • I’ve been working on music, and that’s been eating what time I have left after work and family, so I haven’t been writing much. This is a problem; the whole point behind these is that I should be able to fire them off pretty quickly and easily. It’s a brittle process.
  • A friend suggested Todoist, over Agenda. Will have to try it again. There are tons of GTD-like to-do applications, and all of them so far get it slightly wrong for me… or maybe I’m not integrating them well enough yet. Agenda’s pretty good but Mac-only. Until I’ve purged every other OS from my work environment, that’s… ungood. (And I’m not going to purge every other OS from my work environment.)
  • Running a giant data import is great, until you realize you’ve done it wrong but you’re already a long time into a giant, days-long process.

Metrics, new Macbook charger, testcontainers

Things I’m learning about, on this day of verbs:

  • What metrics matter: A guide for open source projects” has a lot of good information. It’s interesting.
  • I get to buy a new Macbook charger today; my “old” one is giving out, I think, which is frustrating.
  • Testcontainers looks like an interesting project. I may have to try it out. It’s enabling.
  • There is an Atlas of Endangered Alphabets. It’s fascinating.
  • Apparently January 18th is “Winnie the Pooh Day.” I had no idea. Even though we describe our cats in terms of Tiggerisms – and once had a cat named Tigger – it’s… vaguely confusing.
  • My exercise routine remains, but parts of it are missing this past week – namely, some of the short walks.

Synergy 1.6 beta released

The Synergy Project announced the release of Synergy 1.6 beta, which among other things offers an autoconfiguration mechanism. Synergy allows you to use one mouse and keyboard for multiple computers – almost like a software KVM (although chances are they’d say it was exactly like a software KVM.)

I’d tried it before on Fedora and Windows; it was “problematic” for me (as in: it didn’t work.) It was a little frustrating, because one of my friends uses it constantly and he says it works perfectly for him. I’d even contributed to the project, because it seemed so valuable as a concept… but not for me, alas.

The new version, however, works like a champ on my iMac and Windows computers; I haven’t tried it on Fedora yet. (I’m not likely to, for various reasons, mostly related to laziness.) It’s actually really handy; now I can start reducing the explosions of keyboards and mice on my desk.

Considering I presently have three of each lying around, plus various MIDI controllers, anything that reduces the clutter is worth investment and praise.

Good job, Synergy. People: help support the project.