Ayn Rand and Rush

There’s been some discussion recently on Rush Fanatics - a Facebook group - about Ayn Rand, in part because of a reference to the “meek inheriting the earth.” The phrase comes from “The Fountainhead,” and is in the context of the book’s overarching villain - a man named Ellsworth Toohey - who uses the phrase… Continue reading Ayn Rand and Rush

The Trees is an ideal (and pragmatic) leftist’s song

I love the song “The Trees,” by Rush, on their “Hemispheres” album. It’s the first song of Rush’s catalog that I heard, even though I didn’t know the band was Rush at the time. It’s an incredibly leftist song.  I wholly approve. I am a leftist at heart. I’ve been asking people I know what… Continue reading The Trees is an ideal (and pragmatic) leftist’s song

Jacob’s Ladder, abandoning Virtuoso

I'm running out of convenient variations of "things I'm thinking about." Man, Rush's Jacob's Ladder is a great song.Thoughts on Virtuoso: we needed to run a fairly large, fairly current data extraction from DBPedia, so we thought we'd be polite and run our own Virtuoso image with a mirror of the current dataset from DBPedia.… Continue reading Jacob’s Ladder, abandoning Virtuoso

Rush and the Passing of the “Golden Era”

Despite all the polls that dominate the Rush fan boards these days, I'm still thinking, and when it's about Rush (and it's not about how cool a given song/album/part was!) ... it's about the divide that I still place around Signals and P/G. It's not that the albums after Signals were lesser albums - you… Continue reading Rush and the Passing of the “Golden Era”