Volt, considering moving away from WordPress

Ah, new things and directions….

  • Someone on IRC this morning mentioned Volt.ws, a messaging client available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It’s really tiny. It’s also missing a lot of functionality still, but it can connect to Slack… and it’s tiny. It still doesn’t support Slack private messages, but once it gets those (which should be in February 2019) it might be my preferred Slack client, over Slack’s own and Franz… because Slack’s client is awful on system resources and Franz is worse, despite being a better client.
  • I have been trying to figure out ways to move on from WordPress. It’s not really WordPress’ fault… I want Asciidoctor support, for one thing, and I’m rather disheartened at relying on an application written in PHP. But the alternatives require more time than I have right now, and I’m really not thinking I could personally design a good user interface if I wrote my own software. I’ve considered Jekyll and Hugo, but I’d really want to work out the comments mechanism before moving on. Plus, I am used to running software live; a static site feels odd.
  • I wonder how many programming advances have been created in an attempt to simply avoid boredom on the part of the programmer.
  • I’ve been considering trying to echo these things on Medium just to see what the differences in exposure would be.

Synergy 1.6.3 has been released, may fix focus problems

The Synergy Project, a program that allows cross-platform sharing of keyboard and mouse, has released version 1.6.3, which has a potentially really important fix in the changelog:

Bug #4349 - Mouse click does not always bring window to front

I’ve been having a lot of problems with Z-order on my desktops, and this may be the problem. I haven’t done enough triage to definitely say, because Synergy is so useful that I’ve not really been willing to consider not using it; the alternatives are just not good enough.

If you use Synergy, definitely get this update. If you don’t, and you have multiple machines on your desk and want to share the keyboard and mouse, try Synergy. If you’re Mac-only, my Mac friends tell me Teleport is the bee’s knees; I’m not Mac-only, and Synergy has totally rocked for me.