Everything exists.

One of the things I've had to learn over time - and that I've learned poorly, I should add - is that everything, everything, exists. It might not exist in the sense of being real, I suppose; it might exist only in the imagination. It might not even exist in the "real world" in the… Continue reading Everything exists.

My Fractured Writing Process

Yesterday I mentioned using Scrivener to write, and I mentioned that I have sort of a graduated process for writing that isn't very efficient. I wanted to actually write down how I write, just to sort of collect what I do; maybe the documentation process will help me see it for what it is ("a… Continue reading My Fractured Writing Process

Scrivener 3.2 Compile Issue

I'm a big fan of Literature and Latte's Scrivener product. If I'm writing "for real," it's typically in Scrivener, although I think my process there could still use a lot of work. (I use a graduated system for writing, which ... now that I think about it, isn't very efficient for organization or promotional purposes.)… Continue reading Scrivener 3.2 Compile Issue

Deliver what you promise when you write

I've gone on a number of (hopefully mild) rants about clickbait in writing: "Seven Reasons Your Wife Will Leave You!", "Trump's Bat-Baby!", and so forth. Today I read with great interest an article on CNN entitled "Why Trump wants you to be afraid of high speed trains." It's... an interesting article, but I came away… Continue reading Deliver what you promise when you write

Football fans, daily writing, fasting

Things I have observed recently: Football fans - even fans of my own favorite teams - can be absolute jerks and tools.I am committed to writing this... series or whatever it is. Yet it's only a thing, and not the thing. Consistency is difficult.I would really love each observation to be relevant, heavy, big even… Continue reading Football fans, daily writing, fasting

Jalen Hurts, Clemson, Politics, Teamwork

Things I am thinking about having thought about: I feel bad for Jalen Hurts. Swapped out for Tua Tagovailoa, despite having been the guy for Alabama last year... and this year, gets put in on Alabama's last drive for mop-up duty, when the game's already lost and there's no flexibility left to exploit. "Go in… Continue reading Jalen Hurts, Clemson, Politics, Teamwork

Consistency, Aquaman

Things I think I've learned today: Aquaman was a fun movie to watch with my youngest. This surprised me. DC is trying to be more fun and failing but at least they're trying... and it's a better movie than we've had overall. The Chris Nolan Batman movies were great, Wonder Woman was good, the other… Continue reading Consistency, Aquaman

Journalists: No adverbs, no adjectives, please

I'm not a journalist; I've never taken journalism classes. I'm sure there's a world of journalism out there about which I am completely ignorant. But if I had one piece of advice for journalists, it would be this: please avoid adverbs and adjectives. Please. I don't want to hear how Trump went to Texas. I… Continue reading Journalists: No adverbs, no adjectives, please