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Short Term Memory, ReggaeFM

Things I have learned:

  • If I don’t record these things regularly, they slip my memory. It’s not that I have a bad short-term memory, it’s that most of the things I think are cool to relate fly in and out – and my mind stays crowded. As a result, I tend to write them in a flurry of list-making.
  • The Boss GT-10 is a nice device. My oldest son got one, and it is really neat watching his brothers work out a convenient way to test it with him. It’s also gratifying – albeit unnecessary – that he wanted me to have an opportunity to play with it more than he had, because – as he said – he had plenty of time to play with it when he got home.
  • I don’t like how browsers wait to display URLs until after they’ve done… something. I clicked the link, Firefox! Show me the url!
  • New radio station to listen to for me (because I like reggae): ReggaeFM. Reggae, like many other forms of music, is relaxing… and I find the approach of reggae to be extraordinarily relaxing. I still sound ridiculous when I say “mon,” though, and while I enjoy playing reggae as well as listening to it, I sound like a white guy playing at reggae. Oh, well.
  • I still have never watched “A Christmas Story,” although I have now seen more of it than I had seen before. I feel like the previous sentence has horrible grammar. I’m just not in the mood to fix it.
  • Thought for the morning: I could care about you, and I do, but what does that get me? If it’s “nothing” – if you’re relying on my innate sense of goodwill to make me continuing about caring for you – well, that’s unwise. That means you’re relying on me for your benefit. Nurture your relationships, all of them, even with dweebs like me: make people care about you if you want them to care.

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