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Things I’m thinking about wondering:

  • One of the reasons I like Peter Gabriel so much is that, as a lyricist, he’s willing to ignore rules that I try to, like, pay attention to. In “Big Time,” for example, there’s a line: “And my heaven will be a big heaven, and I will walk through the front door,” with the only concerns the meter and the content – the rhyme scheme doesn’t exist. I try to write like that, but nowhere near as successfully. Peter Gabriel is amazing.
  • The Upside” was a good movie to watch, but not a great one. It had a hallmark of, well, many Hallmark movies, which is not really a compliment in context: dropped story aspects, where I expected a resolution of some kind, but instead the idea got brought up to the viewer and then… put on a bus to Nowhere. However, like many Hallmark movies – and this is a compliment – it left you satisfied with the result, not frustrated or distressed or angry.
  • I wonder: would you blame a policeman for pulling you over if he seemed to honestly believe you were in the wrong somehow? What if you believed you were not in the wrong? I find that I’m generally okay with the idea as long as I believe the policeman was acting honestly; I’m okay being pulled over if he or she thinks I’m in the wrong somehow. That’s his function, and if someone else were acting improperly (or, well, illegally) I’d want the police to pull them over. The fact that it’s me instead of someone else changes nothing about the responsibility of the police. What about you?
  • Sites that change the way links look – by bolding them instead of underlining them, for example – are annoying. I know what a link looks like. When you change that, you make me wonder what I’m seeing. Bolding them instead of underlining them is particularly annoying, because I can’t tell where one link ends and another begins. Confusing readers is bad, site authors. It’s not the worst thing in the world, but still… (There was a site that had two links in a row: a reference to a person and then a recommendation about that person, but I couldn’t tell visually that there were two links in a row as the links were merely bolded and not underlined.)

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