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How do you promote an anonymous resource?

I have a blog that I keep anonymous, for specific reasons. I think it’s worth reading, but due to anonymity, I don’t know how to promote it. Any suggestions?

It’s not a blog that’s unethical, or immoral; it just deals with subject matter for which my authorship would be surprising, and my identity would affect the purpose of the blog.

But I don’t want to construct a false identity for the purposes of promotion. A pseudonym is not a problem (it has a username, but not my name, attached to it), but promotion on Reddit, or Facebook, or Google+, Twitter, or any number of other such sources would mandate my building of another identity for the purposes of redirection.

I have reasons for wanting to avoid doing that, mostly rooted in my own concept of identity. I can handle having no identity – having a different identity is not something I’m interested in.

So the question stands: what would you suggest for building traffic and exposure for a blog for whom the author needs anonymity?

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