I migrated an account to GSuite and it was trivial.

I recently migrated my wife's email to GSuite after an unconscionable delay - delayed mostly because the documentation for GSuite left some questions that I wasn't sure I could easily answer - and the delay was entirely unjustified. It was easy. The History I had my own email server back in the day. There were… Continue reading I migrated an account to GSuite and it was trivial.

Cuisinart SS-15 Single-Serve Issues

My family bought me a Cuisinart SS-15 coffee maker, a device that has both a carafe (a pot) and a Keurig-compatible single-serve coffee maker. However, the single-serve side struggled to work; it worked once and then stopped. The problem seems to be, of all things, the water filter. I gently used a toothpick to clean… Continue reading Cuisinart SS-15 Single-Serve Issues

Doug Wyatt Guitars, from a few years ago

A while back, on a trip to Gatlinburg with my family, I came across a music shop called "Doug Wyatt Guitars." As an avid guitarist who can't, like, JUST PASS A GUITAR STORE BY LIKE MY WIFE WANTED ME TO, I stopped in - and was rewarded greatly. For lo, not only was yon proprietor… Continue reading Doug Wyatt Guitars, from a few years ago

The Rush Political/Religious Survey Results

TL;DR Rush is awesome, and so is its fanbase. I put together a survey to try to figure something out about Rush's career arc, but the author of the survey (me) didn’t get enough information and didn’t capture the right information to make the survey much more than pure entertainment. Table of Contents The Hypothesis… Continue reading The Rush Political/Religious Survey Results

My rules for social media

Recently, a fellow I know on Facebook mentioned unfriending someone (for very good reasons), and it got me thinking a little more on the rules on how I use the site. I find that I have four fairly simple rules. Rule #1: Add People I Might Respect as Friends I add people who I think… Continue reading My rules for social media

Facebook: good and bad… really bad

I find I have a difficult relationship with [Facebook](https://wwwfacebookcom/josephottinger) I think Facebook has a lot of potential value, but with so many people using it so differently, it ends up taking almost as much as it gives. It not only gives me a neutral environment to interact with friends from my distant past - people from middle school whom I still remember fondly! It's given me a chance to see old friends' lives - as their careers and their children mature. It's given me a chance to vicariously participate in the things that matter to them - graduations, successes, failures. I've had closure for things from years and years ago - conversations with people who had tried to bully me, whether ignorantly or not. It's given us a chance to see each other as people, actual adults, as opposed to the caricatures created by first impressions of strangers. Facebook is excellent at fostering light connections, but such connections do a poor job of representing actual *people* - including me. On Facebook, an offhand statement, meant mildly and in context, appears as a core belief, a statement I am willing to defend to the death and because of the nature of first impressions, no amount of context changes that impression. Incidentally, I think libertarians who advocate anarchy are wrong, although I do think a society composed *solely* of people with decent rational self-interest could exist and prosper in pure anarchy. But Facebook readers *tend* to not recognize that continuum and its potential for growth and refinement. ) But at the same time, in America we advocate innocence until guilt is proven - and Facebook ignores the potential innocence. I'm tempted to filter Facebook quite a bit - spend a few days looking at who posts most often on my feed, and what they post.

Weasel Words Are Great

Weasel words are great. And yes, I know, I left out weasel words in making that statement. Weasel words are words like "some" and "may." Most clickbait authors - i.e., people on Facebook - are allergic to them, so you get fine headlines like "Conservatives hate the gays!" instead of the less-click-baitish and far-more-accurate "Some… Continue reading Weasel Words Are Great

Conversation is the roar of the tide, not a ping from a radar.

One of the things I've noticed from watching Facebook is that the nature of conversation is being fractured. Facebook, Twitter, and other such mediums encourage the use of soundbites, basically snappy and memorable phrases. Conversations become about headlines, rather than content or context. The thing is: that's not how we actually exist. Our conversations are… Continue reading Conversation is the roar of the tide, not a ping from a radar.

How do you promote an anonymous resource?

I have a blog that I keep anonymous, for specific reasons. I think it's worth reading, but due to anonymity, I don't know how to promote it. Any suggestions? It's not a blog that's unethical, or immoral; it just deals with subject matter for which my authorship would be surprising, and my identity would affect… Continue reading How do you promote an anonymous resource?