Everything exists.

One of the things I've had to learn over time - and that I've learned poorly, I should add - is that everything, everything, exists. It might not exist in the sense of being real, I suppose; it might exist only in the imagination. It might not even exist in the "real world" in the… Continue reading Everything exists.

Transactions in Relationships

I recently offered some advice on relationships to someone, with the preface that I knew it was unasked-for and based on my own experience. I don't know how good the advice actually is, but it has the ring of value - and given my own interactions, it's clear how it governs how I relate to… Continue reading Transactions in Relationships

“People are stupid; get over it”

One of the things I tell my kids all the time, in an attempt to help them cope, is “people are stupid; get over it.” For a long time they saw this as being cynical; in some ways they still do, but they’ve also matured enough to see it for what it is: coping with… Continue reading “People are stupid; get over it”

Newsblur; Fricassee; old friends – 14/Feb/2019

Things I'm thinking about: RSS Feeds I've started using Newsblur again. I shut off Facebook a while back for various reasons (nothing drastic, just... tired, mostly), so my news has been supplied by a fairly limited set of channels. Newsblur fixes that. It's not just Newsblur, of course; you can use any of a number… Continue reading Newsblur; Fricassee; old friends – 14/Feb/2019


Things I think about sometimes: I love the idea of being someone who might be described like "He only cares about the things that matter," except loving that particular idea means that I... care about things that don't matter. Darn it.My DJ name is rather obvious: "43rd to the Q."Finally got a new phone! I'm… Continue reading Impressions

Lorelai, Maven changelog plugin, the government shutdown

Things I have travelled across: github-issues-maven-plugin generates a markdown file with a list of closed issues for a target milestone. Useful for creating release notes.The death of a child is always heart-wrenching. 🙁 Rest in peace, little one, even though I only knew you through friends of friends.Bless social media for bringing people together... except… Continue reading Lorelai, Maven changelog plugin, the government shutdown

Places, football, Facebook

Things I have learned recently, I think: Every so often, you figure out that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at this particular time. That can be reassuring or frightening, I suppose, depending on your outlook.College football this year has been boring. Sure, I'm affected by not having a pony in the… Continue reading Places, football, Facebook