Jacob’s Ladder, abandoning Virtuoso

I'm running out of convenient variations of "things I'm thinking about." Man, Rush's Jacob's Ladder is a great song.Thoughts on Virtuoso: we needed to run a fairly large, fairly current data extraction from DBPedia, so we thought we'd be polite and run our own Virtuoso image with a mirror of the current dataset from DBPedia.… Continue reading Jacob’s Ladder, abandoning Virtuoso

Virtuoso, people, exercise

Things I think I've learned today: Virtuoso - a SPARQL database that's used by DBPedia - is surprisingly nice, but it's also got some oddities in synchronization behavior. I have a bulk process that runs for days, and I added a "resting" phase to allow Virtuoso to handle checkpoints gracefully, etc., and finding the sweet… Continue reading Virtuoso, people, exercise