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Review: Pink Floyd’s “Endless River”

TL;DR Go get Pink Floyd‘s Endless River. I did, and it’s great – as long as you enjoy Pink Floyd.

I bought the Floyd’s latest release – “The Endless River,” as mentioned – because it’s Pink Freaking Floyd, and it’s a new release. It’s awesome – but wants immersion. If you’re looking for something that hits you in the head crying for attention, this is not your album. If you’re looking for something that enriches your life, well… first, make sure you’ve listened to “Wish You Were Here,” but then get this release.

It’s very laconic, like most of Pink Floyd, especially their best work. Most of it’s instrumental – it only has one song with vocals, “Louder Than Words,” the last song on the album, and that’s actually the weakest song on the release for me. (I’m sorry: when Pink Floyd uses the word “diss,” it just… no. Just no.)

It makes me miss Rick Wright – the keyboardist for Pink Floyd, and the secret sauce for their best sound when working with David Gilmour – even more, and gosh I wish Roger Waters and David Gilmour could work together.

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