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WebStorm tip

When you’re working with NodeJS in JetBrains’ excellent WebStorm IDE, don’t forget to configure your NodeJS environment properly.

I was using the default configuration, and it was warning me that process.env wasn’t imported, and needed to be. Everything ran okay, though, so I was not very pleased with the warning.

I want my warnings to tell me about things that I need to change. I don’t want to get used to ignoring them.

The problem is, as I already mentioned, the NodeJS configuration. By default, the NodeJS core library is not enabled; open up the Settings, go to Languages & Frameworks, then Node.js and NPM; for me it looks like this.


That “Node.js Core library is not enabled.” is the core element. Enable it, and all of a sudden the local variables like process resolve, and I’m a much happier coder because more of my warnings are actual warnings instead of incidentals.

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