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Accountability in Writing

I’ve been writing a lot lately, a trend that makes me very happy. I’m writing a fairly large variety of materials, too: poetry, fiction, even some nonfiction.

However, most of it is still under wraps. I have one fiction piece that took a while to write and edit (to be published soon, along with author’s notes), and I have a lot of nascent songs to work through, for which music hasn’t been fully composed; I also have works of poetry (that are, well, songs without music). The nonfiction stuff is probably going to remain private forever (as I’m not satisfied with the research I’ve put into them, such that I’m willing to show others what I’ve done.)

It’s been good, though. It’s been cathartic in some ways, negative in others (I write best when I’m trying to work through stuff, and it shows in what I write), but I’m glad for the creative spark.

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