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Wondering if you’re loved, literally?, python dependencies

Things I’ve learned recently:

  • If you really want to know if you have value, post something of questionable worth on the Internet. You’ll immediately have a bunch of people correcting you. That’s not to say you should post anything harmful – for goodness’ sake, don’t do that – but post something that makes an assertion of some kind. People will notice. This is a great way to see who really should be off your communications grid, too. 🙂
  • The previous point was not an attempt to be passive-aggressive. If you think you’ve been caught in such a net by me, well, I apologize; reflect on your own time if you think you do that, and leave my what-I-thought-was-mildly-humorous complaint out of it. Thanks!
  • I still find it difficult to abandon my youthful habit of using Anglican spellings for everything. Typing “humorous” without the extra “u” – i.e., “humourous” – is difficult for me even now, for example. It was with a sense of palpable relief that I typed the “wrong one” as the example.
  • This is a great sentence: “Don’t write silly-soundingly,” as found in “Yes, I Could Care Less,” as a quote of Jesse Sheidlower on Slate. Man, references at a deep depth are rough. My middle son gave me “Yes, I Could Care Less” as a gift – and it’s a good one. Thoroughly enjoying it so far.
  • poetry is another python dependency management tool, like pipenv. Work uses pipenv; I might check out poetry just to see what it’s like.
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