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Recliners, Ocasio-Cortez, trust

Things I’ve thought about thinking about:

  • I like recliners.
  • I wonder if the same people who are outraged about Brett Kavanaugh’s drinking as a young man are the same people who have no problem whatsoever with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing like a young woman in a video… or if the people horrified that a woman would dance are fine with “Boys will be boys.” Do they even listen to themselves over time? (And for the record, again, Kavanaugh was accused of more than just drinking – but the implication was that surely he’d have no problem with sexual assault if he was willing to drink, and that’s a non sequitur for you. If he’s guilty of sexual assault, then I’ve no problem with him being punished accordingly… but let there be validity behind the claim. And no, an accusation isn’t enough… nor should it ever be. If a claim is enough, then opposers can gut any platform or candidate simply by bringing forth an unsubstantiated yet “believable” claim. … Nope.)
  • I’m glad people have remembered that it’s okay to mistrust the President. However, I don’t trust said people to remember this when the President’s a member of their tribe…
  • I didn’t publish anything yesterday because I was busy all day. It was not a good thinking day, so … really, if I learned anything yesterday, it was on the oddities of fortune and determination working together. (There’s more, but I’m not in the mood to write it up right now, because it would come out jumbled and I really don’t want that. Maybe later.)
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