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Intersections with Politics

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I’m changing the format up today, because one of the entries is longer than usual.

Trump and the Patriots

It’s really annoying that people are mad at the New England Patriots because Trump likes them. I dislike the Patriots myself – I nearly cost myself a job after they lost to the Giants – but for people to root against them just because of Trump speaks to a lack of basic reasoning on their parts. I don’t like thinking that my fellow humans are idiots. They’re acting like idiots.

Redemption is Being Considered Impossible

Speaking of politics, this thing with the governor of Virginia is making me angry.

Look, I’m not here to excuse the governor’s… anything. I don’t know exactly what happened; I think he’s been accused of being in either blackface or a KKK hood in an unidentified picture from a yearbook in 1984, and as I understand it, first he confirmed it, then denied it, then apologized, or… something.

Being in blackface is dumb. Being in a KKK hood is even dumber. Let’s get that out of the way immediately; I can’t condone either one, and won’t, even as a joke. Jokes are supposed to be funny, not threatening or harmful. Whoever was in the picture really should be ashamed of it, period, whether it was meant seriously or in jest.

But here’s the thing: it was in 1984. Thirty-four years ago! When he was a student! He may have been an idiot then – but who is he now?

With all the outrage, is the assertion that he’s a racist today? That’s what it looks like and should be. “Resign because you did something dumb 34 years ago” is… an idiotic thing to say, no matter what party he’s a member of (Democrat, if you’re curious) or what party the ones crying for him to resign are members of (both Democrat and Republican).

The implication is something we’ve seen shadows of before: There is no such thing as redemption. We’ve seen it mostly from the Left, although the Right is starting to pick it up as a useful political tool.

But the Left had better watch itself, very carefully… because if there’s no such thing as redemption, the Democratic Party itself is damned.

This is the party that fought for slavery… and after slavery was made illegal, overthrew the Republican government in North Carolina to restore the old order.

If there’s no redemption possible, then what in the world would make the Democrats think they can ever remove that stain from their history? They’re saying people can’t change – in 34 years, Governor Northam can’t have changed how he views people with different skin colors, Brett Kavanaugh can’t have become a decent man since he was in high school, and so forth. (Apparently Bill Clinton’s the only human being for whom redemption is a thing?)

If people can’t change, then people who claim the label associated with slavery are endorsing slavery. That’s the Democratic party, folks. There’s no sea change possible, is what they’re saying… and they chose a label that is by their own declaration and action irrevocably associated with endorsing slavery.

We’ve hit the slippery slope. Pandora’s Box has been opened, as I feared… I just hope that the cancer it represents eats its way to the extremes and leaves the middle confused but otherwise unaffected… until the extremes are eliminated and the middle ground can take care of its own with love and reason again.

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  • V C February 3, 2019, 8:40 am

    Well the democratic gov also champions abortion till birth, post dilation. Of mostly black babies. This is illegal in Europe. And from right POV that democrat is a murderer. Of mostly minorities.

    • jottinge February 3, 2019, 8:42 am

      Right. That’s fine; I find the whole late-term abortion idea repulsive… but that’s not what’s being discussed. It’s an afterthought to a picture from 1984. The thing is… his opinion on late-term abortion is present today, the picture from 1984 is 35 years ago or so – why are we not focusing on what he says and who he is today?

  • V C February 3, 2019, 11:57 am

    This was 2 days before his ‘KKK’ outing, earlier this week:

    That video put him in the bad light with the right. It was a 1-2 punch.

    btw, the link was spread by Niki Haley before the ‘KKK’; who is in the lead to be the POTUS in ’24 https://twitter.com/NikkiHaley/status/1090418544494313472
    so everyone on the right knew his name before the ‘KKK’.

    It puts in in w/ Robert Byrd, Margert Sanger and other democrats as far as republican POV. The POV being that left are into murder of brown babies. And then 2 days later: the bias was confirmed. He is a racist.

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