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EdgeTX and Safe Mode with the AeroScout

I think I’ve configured the flight modes for my AeroScout with the RadioMaster TX16S, running EdgeTX as the OS. I have not yet tested this at the field, but bench tests indicate success so far. I’m recording it here mostly so people can either validate it or, you know, use the information themselves.

I’m connecting the RadioMaster to a Spektrum AR631 receiver, which came with my ready-to-fly AeroScout. Other receivers may be configured slightly differently, but I imagine the process mostly involves figuring out the right channel for the information.

The Flight Modes

As I’ve written elsewhere, there are three “flight modes” available on the Spektrum receivers: safe mode, intermediate mode, and expert mode.

Safe mode keeps the plane level as much as it can, and dampens the control responses pretty severely. It means the plane is “generally safe” and protected from inexperienced pilots like, well, yours truly. You can still crash the plane, but it’s unlikely that you’ll do a 90′ nosedive into the dirt; the controls simply don’t allow you to fly straight down.

Intermediate mode is a lot like safe mode, but the dampening of the control surfaces is turned down. You have more control than in “safe mode” but the plane will generally keep itself upright with regard to the ground.

Expert mode – what I’ve said my dad would call “flying the plane” – has no dampening. This is where you can do full acrobatics, if you know how to do them (I do not), and where you have full control. This is flying for real, and you can definitely aim the plane straight into the ground.

Ordinarily, on the Spektrum transmitters, there’s a three-way switch by which you can control what flight mode the plane is in at any given time; I started off in safe mode, and eventually switched over to taking off in safe mode and then switching to intermediate mode for flying, and back to safe mode for landing. When I was using the DSX starter radio that came with the plane, I had started challenging myself to flying only intermediate mode (“or better,” is what I told myself, but honestly: intermediate mode only, as I’m not quite good enough to trust myself in expert mode yet.)

The Configuration

I went to the EdgeTX “mix page” on the model, and added a new control; I bound it to switch SE, a three-way switch above the throttle control (and in front of the two-way switch which I set up as a throttle cut).

I bound it to channel 6; fully forward (away from me) it’s set to send -100% (all down), in the middle position it’s off (0%), and in the back position (closest to me) it’s set to 100% (all up). With this receiver, that proves to set the modes properly in bench tests.

I know this is underwhelming, but it’s information I couldn’t trivially find; I found the information, but not bundled in a “just do this” fashion.

Good luck out there!

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