G-Force’s OB-E Looks AWESOME

Yesterday, G-Force Software introduced the OB-E synthesizer emulation. It's another OB-8 emulation - sort of - except it has some features that make it look really compelling. Oberheim has some absolutely iconic synths. They were originally built around the SEM, the Synthesizer Expander Module, which was a monophonic synth; it was pretty simple, although it… Continue reading G-Force’s OB-E Looks AWESOME

Transactions in Relationships

I recently offered some advice on relationships to someone, with the preface that I knew it was unasked-for and based on my own experience. I don't know how good the advice actually is, but it has the ring of value - and given my own interactions, it's clear how it governs how I relate to… Continue reading Transactions in Relationships

Apple Integrations, woo!

I made the switch to the Apple ecosystem a few years ago. It started with a MacBook - a switch I'd been publicly wanting to make for years and years, as an in-joke among my friends and a public joke on TheServerSide.com, and then I got a job where the MacBook was standard gear. I… Continue reading Apple Integrations, woo!

Ayn Rand and Rush

There’s been some discussion recently on Rush Fanatics - a Facebook group - about Ayn Rand, in part because of a reference to the “meek inheriting the earth.” The phrase comes from “The Fountainhead,” and is in the context of the book’s overarching villain - a man named Ellsworth Toohey - who uses the phrase… Continue reading Ayn Rand and Rush