New Network Router!

I've been running TomatoUSB on my router (an Asus RT86) for years, but I've been noticing some flakiness lately, primarily in network devices just acting oddly on connection, poor connection throughput for a few specific devices, and a few other oddities. It just so happened that a few of the devices that were struggling were,… Continue reading New Network Router!

MySQL Log Sequence Error: solved, sort of

Back in November, I noticed that I was getting a lot of MySQL crashes, with MySQL's logs saying that it had a log sequence error. It was actually MariaDB, the community-managed version of MySQL (as opposed to Oracle's "MySQL proper"), but for all intents and purposes, it was MySQL. I tried everything I could think… Continue reading MySQL Log Sequence Error: solved, sort of

New system hard drive; AOMEI software worked about as well as one could hope.

I have been waiting for my system hard drive to fail for a while. It's not been a bad drive, except for the constant warnings that it's got a limited time to live - wait, isn't that the definition of a bad drive? I guess it could be worse, but... Anyway, last night I bit… Continue reading New system hard drive; AOMEI software worked about as well as one could hope.

DuOS-M: Android on Windows 8.1

One of my sons recently got me invested in Ice Cold Muffin's ICE, a game in which you try to take over bases in a simple directed graph. It's a lot of fun, despite the extreme simplicity - maybe other game makers could benefit from noticing how simple games can be fun. Anyway, while it's… Continue reading DuOS-M: Android on Windows 8.1

A few thoughts for a Monday…

Life has changed a lot lately. First, I changed employers; I've left Red Hat (for various reasons) and am now working for a company that will give me a little more direct purpose, along with an imperative for using Scala. (Did you see what I did there? Scala's typically a functional language, not an imperative… Continue reading A few thoughts for a Monday…

Adding arguments to CentOS boot

I'm running CentOS in a VirtualBox image (so I can play with Docker while using Windows, because ... um... because). I don't want X running; I am happiest with the command line for this application. So the screen resolution is really important to me; I don't want an 80-by-25 console, I want something better. It's… Continue reading Adding arguments to CentOS boot

Smart Grids series reposted

I just republished an article I'd worked on for Red Hat, called "Smart Grids." It's got twelve parts already, with two more not actually finalized; I'd been pulled off of the smart grids article and never quite got back around to it. I'd still like to, though. It's a good walkthrough of an "Internet of… Continue reading Smart Grids series reposted

The LinnStrument looks awesome

Geert Bevin pointed out the LinnStrument this morning. Color me jealous - that thing looks awesome. It's basically a MIDI controller built on a pad, largely on a grid - much like a stringed instrument's notes are, except providing expression and note control and you move your fingers around. There're demos of using it to… Continue reading The LinnStrument looks awesome