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Repost: Half-docs, non-docs, and… docs

I found a reference this morning on OSGi’s “buddy classloading” in reference to Spring, OSGi, and GigaSpaces. In addition to being, like, informative (thanks, Steve), it also had a reference to something Steve called “non-docs”: To press button B, click the B button. That’s perfect. It sums up OSGi documentation perfectly. But there’s another level [...]


Repost: Adding high availability in Terracotta DSO

Terracotta DSO is a package for distributing references in a heap across virtual machines. (Thus: Java. I thought it included C#, but Geert Bevin reminded me that I’m an idiot.) That means that if you have a Map, for example, you can set it to be shared, and your application can share it with other [...]


Repost: Whatever happened to JDO?

Someone on IRC asked about JDO (Java Data Objects) this morning: “Why isn’t JDO all that widespread?” Well… that’s a good question. JDO was supposed to be such a great technology that it really should have done much better than it did in the industry. Let’s be real here: JDO wasn’t bad technology at all. [...]