Jalen Hurts, Clemson, Politics, Teamwork

Things I am thinking about having thought about:

  • I feel bad for Jalen Hurts. Swapped out for Tua Tagovailoa, despite having been the guy for Alabama last year… and this year, gets put in on Alabama’s last drive for mop-up duty, when the game’s already lost and there’s no flexibility left to exploit. “Go in and lose us this game, Jalen!” — despite Hurts being a consummate team player. Never mind that I was thrilled that Alabama got crushed – I still feel bad for Hurts, who’s been the kind of teammate everyone wishes they had.
  • Speaking of, congrats to Clemson! I don’t like your team, because I’m a Seminole fan through and through, but you dominated. Good job. Now I hope you lose to FSU next year. And every year.
  • Glances looks neat.
  • Few things are as comfortable as seeing a co-author respond to a topic with “eek!” … oh wait, I meant uncomfortable.
  • I was highly displeased with the resolution of the Dr. Pepper National Championship trophy mystery. “Are you wearing a wire?” is burned into my ears now – hilariously phrased – but the resolution was dumb and manipulative. I get enough of that from politicians.
  • Speaking of manipulative politicians: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is playing games like a master. “Republicans are attacking me on social media!” with respect to her dancing… meanwhile, it’s one tweet from one anonymous account. Yes, it’s a stupid thing to complain about (the tweeter’s problem!), but her reaction is… overblown, too. It sure plays into her base, though!

Alabama-FSU, 24-7

Disappointed that FSU lost against Alabama. Alabama played a good game, and FSU obviously struggled mightily on special teams – shades of the nightmares of the 80s there.

I hope Deondre Francois is okay – and I also hope ALL of the injured players are okay. (Alabama had four players injured, none of them as severe as Francois’ injury as far as I can tell, but I hate seeing people get hurt.)

I keep seeing reports that FSU got “worn down,” and I think to some degree that’s true, but less than the reporting makes it sound – FSU killed itself more than Alabama did. Alabama played well, as expected, but it really took advantage of terrible plays by FSU more than creating errors; poor blocking on a punt, unforced turnovers on a kickoff…

Those interceptions were bad, yes, but those interceptions came after special teams problems dug a deep hole in the second half. To beat Alabama you have to play well, and those special teams errors created a situation where FSU had to take chances and make something magic happen.

Taking those chances didn’t work out in FSU’s favor; they made it worse. And so it goes.

In the end, FSU’s defense acquitted itself well; it’s hard to blame them for having 24 points hung on them when a lot of those points were from drives started deep in FSU territory through turnovers or special teams breakdowns.

And FSU’s offense actually showed some teeth and restraint; the key to beating Alabama is grinding well against them, and FSU actually did that, for the most part. FSU easily could have been tied with Alabama at the end of the first half. It’s when they were forced into breaking away from their game plan that things went downhill.

In the end, Alabama played a good game, and they deserved the win. Now FSU just has to hope that Deondre Francois is all right (for his own sake as well as the sake of the team, because right now he’s the guy) and recover.