Metrics, new Macbook charger, testcontainers

Things I'm learning about, on this day of verbs: "What metrics matter: A guide for open source projects" has a lot of good information. It's interesting.I get to buy a new Macbook charger today; my "old" one is giving out, I think, which is frustrating.Testcontainers looks like an interesting project. I may have to try… Continue reading Metrics, new Macbook charger, testcontainers

JUCE, tox, Euclidean beats

Things I've learned today: tox is a Python library designed to "standardize testing in Python" - including testing a given project across Python versions (so you could use it to create a library for both Python2 and Python3, and test in both environments.) I'm working on such a library right now; I am using two… Continue reading JUCE, tox, Euclidean beats