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Essential Slick: a review

I read the HTML version, as I'm reading it on a Macbook, and HTML just seemed the most generic. I have tried Slick tutorials, for example, and the Hello, Slick example projects - only to have them fail out of the box or simply not working, with no clear explanations. I'm pleased to report that this has not been the case with Essential Slick - the code has worked very well, and been explained clearly. While in early access, there are a few minor problems - for example, in the book's source code they use durations early on without specifically including them or describing them.


MySQL log sequence error

I just had the most fun time ever with MySQL backing an instance of WordPress. I'm writing up what happened and how I "fixed" it - note the quotes - just so others are aware of it. Maybe someone has insight into how it happened or has a better idea of how to fix it [...]


What would you do… if you really had money?

There's a lot of whining lately about how the rich are getting richer, how it's not fair, how dare they have stuff when we don't... how dare they have money and keep it! It got me thinking: what would I do if I had a lot of money? What effect would I really have? I [...]


What are your bellwethers?

What things about someone would serve as simple signals as to whether you could empathize with them? What would your bellwethers be? A "bellwether" is a leading or primary indicator of something. It came up in conversation about the Lord of the Rings; I have friends for whom LoTR isn't a pinnacle of fantasy. What [...]


An Incomplete Introduction to OWLAPI

OWL is a language used to describe ontologies - systems of knowledge. It's found primarily in the Semantic Web, which mostly means "hardly anywhere," and part of the problem is that using OWL is really pretty difficult. You can find plenty of technical language, but very little that describes how and why you'd actually use [...]

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Remove predictions from SwiftKey

SwiftKey is a swiping keyboard for Android, the one I like best. However, sometimes I want to remove predictions that I really don't want, in particular a prediction associated with an adult site's name (I used it to make sure Norton ConnectSafe is configured properly.) The last thing I want to do is give my [...]


Think about your connections.

Recently, Ted Neward posted a link on Facebook, "How We All Miss the Point on School Shootings," by Mark Manson. It's got some interesting points to it, the most crucial of which is that thoughts about gun control and mental illness are not the best conclusions from such events, but the disconnectedness between us as [...]


My greatest mistakes were because of intent.


Overall, I think I'm a fairly decent person, who's done some really stupid things. Almost every time that I've done something that hurts the people around me, it's been through lack of intent. That doesn't mean that my failures were intentional - I'm not the sort of person who sets out to hurt others, I [...]


Poetry: Nothing More

I just added "Nothing More" to my list of poetry. It was written in response to a poem by Kathleen Ossip, called "I'm Afraid of Death," as pointed out by a neighbor of ours from years ago.


More thoughts about my economic model


On 2015 July 7, I published Thinking through a Fair Tax, in which I addressed my changing thoughts about workable tax structures with a simple economic model through which I could explore (and explain) an income tax, based on progressive rates against flat rates. I built it because I've been a proponent (albeit a silent [...]