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Poetry: Nothing More

I just added "Nothing More" to my list of poetry. It was written in response to a poem by Kathleen Ossip, called "I'm Afraid of Death," as pointed out by a neighbor of ours from years ago.


More thoughts about my economic model


On 2015 July 7, I published Thinking through a Fair Tax, in which I addressed my changing thoughts about workable tax structures with a simple economic model through which I could explore (and explain) an income tax, based on progressive rates against flat rates. I built it because I've been a proponent (albeit a silent [...]


Thinking through a Fair Tax


There's been a lot of discussion around taxation lately, with some advocating a flat (and fair) tax, and others saying we need to eat the rich, so to speak. I am one of those who used to advocate for a luxury tax - a flat tax based on sales of luxury items - but thinking [...]

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Weasel Words Are Great

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Weasel words are great. And yes, I know, I left out weasel words in making that statement. Weasel words are words like "some" and "may." Most clickbait authors - i.e., people on Facebook - are allergic to them, so you get fine headlines like "Conservatives hate the gays!" instead of the less-click-baitish and far-more-accurate "Some [...]


I am watching the NBA Finals this year, and while I think the Golden State Warriors will win the championship (and should win the championship), the best player on the court so far has been LeBron James. This is a performance for the ages - and even if his team loses, it should take nothing [...]

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Last week, my two oldest sons and I went to catch Rush in Greensboro, NC. It was a great show, and I wish that I could see more of them - both in terms of their careers and in terms of, well, this exact tour. If you're a fan of Rush, get to this tour [...]

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One of the things I've noticed from watching Facebook is that the nature of conversation is being fractured. Facebook, Twitter, and other such mediums encourage the use of soundbites, basically snappy and memorable phrases. Conversations become about headlines, rather than content or context. The thing is: that's not how we actually exist. Our conversations are [...]


How do you promote an anonymous resource?


I have a blog that I keep anonymous, for specific reasons. I think it's worth reading, but due to anonymity, I don't know how to promote it. Any suggestions? It's not a blog that's unethical, or immoral; it just deals with subject matter for which my authorship would be surprising, and my identity would affect [...]


Wealth Redistribution


I was thinking about the Affordable Care Act - popularly known as Obamacare, because... err... because - and how it's been marketed almost explicitly as wealth redistribution, as opposed to universal care. It's funny, because while the idea of universal care is attractive, wealth redistribution is ... scary. Why is "wealth redistribution" scary? To me, [...]


I have been waiting for my system hard drive to fail for a while. It's not been a bad drive, except for the constant warnings that it's got a limited time to live - wait, isn't that the definition of a bad drive? I guess it could be worse, but... Anyway, last night I bit [...]