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Legalized Discrimination in Indiana


Indiana's "religious freedom" bill is a good example of something that should never have had to happen. As I understand it - and I'm not a lawyer, nor do I live in Indiana any more, so I'm mostly seeing the aftermath of rage - it says that a business has the right to refuse to [...]


Say What You Mean


Facebook has led me to see a lot of people who, while intelligent, don't know how to communicate in such a way that their viewpoints have any strength or apparent merit. I'd like to see that repaired - because reading stupid stuff wastes everyone's time. While I'm not the wisest person or the most effective [...]


The Synergy Project, a program that allows cross-platform sharing of keyboard and mouse, has released version 1.6.3, which has a potentially really important fix in the changelog: 1.6.3 ===== Bug #4349 - Mouse click does not always bring window to front I've been having a lot of problems with Z-order on my desktops, and this [...]


Poetry: Tomorrow


I have decided To bear my soul But Tomorrow. Whenever tomorrow is. Because today is always today In my heart. But when tomorrow comes, When it is no longer today, You will be able To understand everything I have tried to say.




I thought I saw a kite Flying high behind the wind A song made out of colors And a sunny, breezy day But then I came around The corner of the path I saw that I'd been wrong The entire time.


New Music: Duration and Unknown


I somehow managed to create two new songs over the last week or so, both instrumental but with, um, slightly different feels to them. The releases are: Unknown Duration This will nearly round out a release I've decided to title "Oevre," just because the name sounds cool. (An "oevre" is a reference to the works [...]


Firefox vs. Chrome

Recently I read a link from Gizmodo ("... I'm going back to Firefox", after eliding a curse at the beginning of the link) where a developer was deciding to abandon Google Chrome for Mozilla's Firefox browser. The article suggested that Chrome was bloated, slow, crashing often, used far too much disk and memory space, used [...]



I refuse to participate in the current flurry of condemnation against vaccination opponents. It's ugly, it's stupid, it's wrong - not because vaccination is a bad move, but because the condemnation itself is ugly, stupid, and wrong. Worse than being ugly, stupid, and wrong - it's not effective. It's cruel, in the end. If you're [...]


Books better than e-readers: a possible reason

A study by Anne Mangen of Norway's Stavanger University suggests that print books are better than electronic forms of the same books, with a few theories as to why: haptic feedback, the separation of processes enabling the mind to breathe and integrate the story.... my personal thought is that it has to do with the [...]


Florida State Football: Why So Unprepared?

My sarcastic comment to my son during the Oregon/FSU game - where FSU got smeared like a bug on a shoe - was that at least FSU had the excuse of not having known who the opponent would be. Except, of course, we did know that we were going to play Oregon. I guess that [...]