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Flying, 2023 Feb 11

It was a rough day for flying for me – I crashed my plane, hard, and I *think* it’s through pilot error. This is how you learn sometimes, by making catastrophic mistakes; thankfully, nobody was injured although the plane needs repair.

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Flying, Jan 28, 2023

I made it back to the airfield today, expecting everything to go more normally – I’d flown with my new transmitter, managed to replace a servo that I’d stripped in my plane, so everything was where I expected it to be. There are still a few wrinkles to work out with the transmitter and the receiver, but I thought I had everything set up properly. I didn’t, but I have an idea what is wrong.


Flying Report: 2023/Jan/21

I made it to the RC airfield today, and man, the weather was absolutely perfect. I wish I could say the same about my flying. It was a day curtailed by hardware problems, but overall, it was a successful day.


EdgeTX and Safe Mode with the AeroScout

I think I’ve configured the flight modes for my AeroScout with the RadioMaster TX16S, running EdgeTX as the OS. I have not yet tested this at the field, but bench tests indicate success so far. I’m recording it here mostly so people can either validate it or, you know, use the information themselves.

I bound switch SE to channel 6, and left everything at defaults after that. With this receiver, that proves to set the modes properly in bench tests.


EdgeTX, Second Day of Flying

I flew with my new RadioMaster TX16S transmitter yesterday; it was a good day of flying, filled with some important discoveries (that I fixed!), and I can say that the transmitter is good to go, although I’ve not finished the configuration to my satisfaction yet.


Avatar 2: A Review

I have now seen Avatar 2: The Way of Water. It was a movie. It was a sequel to Avatar, the James Cameron motion picture and not the M. Night Shyamalan one, and it should be noted that Avatar is one of my favorite movies of all time.

I’m glad I saw it. I was unable to see it before now thanks to illness, but we finally got over everything and caught the movie in the theater.

Like I said, it was a movie. I am glad I saw it. I hope the next one is better. Maybe the next one will even be good.


The Maiden Flight with EdgeTX

Today, after a series of fits and starts, I finally got my little AeroScout into the air with the new RadioMaster TX16 transmitter. It was not a long session, for a few reasons, but it was productive.

What I really wanted to do was make sure the radio and the plane were aligned properly: did the radio transmitter even work properly? Did I need to reverse any of the controls? Did the throttle cut work? Was I able to control the plane in the air without having the flight modes set for beginners? Could I even control the plane well, without having flown in a month or so?

Short version: rough day for flying, but successful, and I know some things I need to do now.


First Encounter With EdgeTX

This is a writeup of my first few days with a new RC transmitter, the RadioMaster TX16S. It’s not fully set up for my plane, although it’s set up enough to use now.


Journalists and Twitter

Someone on Mastodon had a link to an article, “Journalists (And Others) Should Leave Twitter. Here’s How They Can Get Started,” with an interesting (and valid) pull quote: “This should have been a pivotal moment in media history — an inflection point when journalists realized how dangerous it is to put their fates in the [...]


Geddy Lee’s Approach to Bass

Geddy Lee’s bass playing was always fantastic, but the main changes in how he wrote bass lines centers around melodic and rhythmic repetition, and I think this can be seen in four phases through Rush’ careeer.