Jacob’s Ladder, abandoning Virtuoso

I'm running out of convenient variations of "things I'm thinking about." Man, Rush's Jacob's Ladder is a great song.Thoughts on Virtuoso: we needed to run a fairly large, fairly current data extraction from DBPedia, so we thought we'd be polite and run our own Virtuoso image with a mirror of the current dataset from DBPedia.… Continue reading Jacob’s Ladder, abandoning Virtuoso

More Peter Gabriel, The Upside, Police, CSS

Things I'm thinking about wondering: One of the reasons I like Peter Gabriel so much is that, as a lyricist, he's willing to ignore rules that I try to, like, pay attention to. In "Big Time," for example, there's a line: "And my heaven will be a big heaven, and I will walk through the… Continue reading More Peter Gabriel, The Upside, Police, CSS

Big Time!, Politics and Empathy, Football

Things I am observing myself thinking about: I can't listen to Peter Gabriel's "Big Time" these days without thinking that it's something like Donald Trump's theme song.I've hit a wall in exercising. Need more motivation. Need to push harder. (Oddly enough, my annoyance at having hit a wall was motivating.)I think a lot of the… Continue reading Big Time!, Politics and Empathy, Football

Art, JDBC, coffee, JSoup, Gradle, Hallelujah, Resetting

Things I may have learned recently-ish: Painting pottery is fun. I'm not very good at it. I apparently also have a thing for beer steins... out of which I drink coffee, because beer isn't very good in my opinion. But steins are also a LOT of coffee, so it's impractical to drink coffee from steins.Speaking… Continue reading Art, JDBC, coffee, JSoup, Gradle, Hallelujah, Resetting

Justice?, cats, resolutions, 2019

Things I've learned recently: It's tempting to write expressions of moral outrage, like "Does anybody remember justice?", but then you remember that yes, most people do, but they'd rather reach for revenge or outrage instead. Justice takes too long. It's also too easy for justice to accept that the wrongdoer might not be so wrong… Continue reading Justice?, cats, resolutions, 2019

Consistency, Aquaman

Things I think I've learned today: Aquaman was a fun movie to watch with my youngest. This surprised me. DC is trying to be more fun and failing but at least they're trying... and it's a better movie than we've had overall. The Chris Nolan Batman movies were great, Wonder Woman was good, the other… Continue reading Consistency, Aquaman

JUCE, tox, Euclidean beats

Things I've learned today: tox is a Python library designed to "standardize testing in Python" - including testing a given project across Python versions (so you could use it to create a library for both Python2 and Python3, and test in both environments.) I'm working on such a library right now; I am using two… Continue reading JUCE, tox, Euclidean beats

GNU Parallel, wget, Avett Brothers

Things I have learned today: GNU Parallel is actually pretty nice. It will take some time to get used to how it applies the command line and interpolates the actual command to run, but the documentation is pretty thorough and my needs as of right now are pretty light.That said, parallel --bibtex is annoying... and… Continue reading GNU Parallel, wget, Avett Brothers

Rush and the Passing of the “Golden Era”

Despite all the polls that dominate the Rush fan boards these days, I'm still thinking, and when it's about Rush (and it's not about how cool a given song/album/part was!) ... it's about the divide that I still place around Signals and P/G. It's not that the albums after Signals were lesser albums - you… Continue reading Rush and the Passing of the “Golden Era”